Opera LED Light Therapy Facial

What is LED Light Therapy? 

LED Light Therapy is the latest treatment this year. It's clinically proven and most affordable treatment which targets a large audience of skin conditions by using specially targeted colour wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin at varying depths with non-visible infrared light, visible red and blue light and the option of Galvanic current. 


Mode 1 - Skin Rejuvenation with LED Photo-Therapy

The first mode of the Opera LED mask known as the red light causes skin rejuvenation effect by stimulating collagen and elastin production which promotes cellular repair of the skin, leading to a more younger and firmer looking skin. 


Mode 2 - Acne Treatment with LED Photo-Therapy

The second mode of the OPERA LED mask known as the blue light has anti-bacterial properties which result in the destruction of bacteria treating all grades of acne without any irritation. It helps purify the skin, preventing any further breakouts, stabilizing oil glands and calm inflammation. 


Mode 3 - Post Care with LED Photo-Therapy

The third mode of the OPERA LED mask, known as the combination of the red and blue light helps penetrate deep into the skin layers which helps lead to an increase of blood flow, bringing elevated levels of oxygen and nutrients to the face while as the same time replenishing dermal and epidermal cells to increase and speed up the healing process. 


*Please note, all of the above comes with the Galvanic Current option.


Mode 4 - Galvanic Current used with Hydrogel Mask

The Galvanic Current is an optional choice but must be used with the "Hydrogel Mask". Galvanic current generates a small pulse of an electromagnetic current which opens pores which allows nutrients and products to be absorbed. This is a pure and natural cleanser for the skin and helps to remove impurities.  

This can be used alone or in conjunction with the LED Light Therapy and provides skin nourishments, skin cleansing and facial muscle toning to help decrease wrinkles.  


Single Treatment
Course of 10 Treatments
Single Treatment
Course of 10 Treatments
Single Treatment
Course of 10 Treatments

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